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How much does temporary total workers' compensation pay?

The basic questions are often the most important when a Louisiana worker suffers workplace injuries or is diagnosed with an occupational disease. One that frequently arises is how much they will receive in workers' compensation benefits if they are determined to have temporary total disability. As the name suggests, a person in this situation will be totally disabled, but it is not permanent and they are expected to eventually improve.

What should I know about retraining with workers' compensation?

When Louisianans suffer workplace injuries, workers' compensation benefits can provide for them financially while they are unable to work and need medical care. People might be under the impression that these cases are rife with disputes and each one is scrutinized before the workers' compensation benefits are approved. That is not the case. However, there are often disagreements between the injured worker and the insurer as to how the rehabilitation will be handled. Understanding what the law says about the alternatives for a worker who has undergone rehabilitation and can return to work, as well as retraining for a different job, are key considerations.

School officer directing traffic injured in workplace accident

Since Louisiana law enforcement and other first responders willingly put themselves in harm's way as part of the duties of their job, it is easy to forget that they can be injured just like anyone. Workplace injuries apply to people who take their lives into their own hands to help others, and they, too, have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits for injuries suffered in the line of duty. This is even true when there is a car accident and an officer is injured. For those who are injured in a workplace accident, having legal assistance is fundamental to getting workers' compensation benefits for all that was lost.

Louisiana eighth for fatal workplace accident statistics in U.S.

There are dangers with any kind of job in Louisiana and across the nation, but some types of employment are riskier than others. Since so many people are employed in somewhat dangerous jobs in oil and gas across Louisiana, there are many who are injured and killed in workplace accidents. Adding in the number of incidents that occur in other kinds of employment, Louisiana places in the top 10 in the latest statistics for fatalities on the job. People who have been injured or whose loved one died because of a work injury should be aware of the statistics and know what steps they should take in hopes of recovering workers' compensation benefits, including death benefits.

Can I get workers' compensation for mental issues in Louisiana?

Louisiana workers who suffer workplace injuries or are afflicted with an illness or condition because of the work they did will understand that they can seek workers' compensation benefits. These benefits will provide them with medical care and a percentage of their wages as they get treatment and try to recover sufficiently to get back to some level of health and return to work. However, not all injuries are obvious. This can reference so-called "soft tissue" injuries where the worker is complaining about pain but it is difficult to see and extensive testing is needed to prove it exists. It can also reference mental injuries.

Vocational rehabilitation and workers' compensation

Louisiana workers who suffer a workplace injury that they eventually will improve from sufficiently to get back to work might face the problem of being able to work, but not being able to do the job they did before. While workers' compensation benefits are in place to help the injured, people who have lost wages and need medical treatment, it is important to know what rights a worker has when trying to get back to work for the former employer and what alternatives are available in this situation.

Workers' compensation and supplemental earnings benefits

When a Louisiana worker is injured in a workplace accident, there are various workers' compensation benefits available. These can help with medical care, cover lost wages and help them make ends meet and take the time they need to recover without needing to rush for fear of no longer having a job. There are various subsets for workers' compensation that should be understood and whether they will be important or not depends on the situation. One is supplemental earnings benefits.

Legal assistance for subcontractors seeking workers' compensation

Not all Louisiana workers are working for a company directly when they are doing a job. To complete certain projects in a variety of fields, there will be subcontractors who are necessary to provide their expertise and skills. As with any job, a subcontractor can be injured while working. A workplace accident or condition that came about because of the work will often lead to medical expenses, lost wages and even long-term damage. These workers might not know who they should deem responsible for their workers' compensation benefits after the accident. Having legal assistance is a must for this kind of situation.

Construction workers suffer workplace injuries in home collapse

Workplace injuries can happen at any job in Louisiana, but it is undeniable that some jobs are riskier than others. One job that is dangerous due to its sheer nature is construction work. Whether it is a large commercial building, maintenance or a private reconstruction of a property, accidents are bound to happen. Since there are so many hazards on a construction project, it is important for those who are doing these jobs to take caution. When an accident does happen, the workers could be confronted with massive medical expenses, lost time on the job and even long-term damage and death. Having legal assistance is crucial to ensure they get the workers' compensation benefits they are entitled.

Understanding occupational disease with workers' compensation

Work accidents can happen at any time and in any job in Louisiana. Workers' compensation benefits are integral for an injured worker to have medical expenses covered and to receive pay while recovering. While workplace injuries are often clear and obvious, other kinds of issues that stem from work can be more complicated. Workers' compensation is especially important when workers suffer an occupational disease. Since an occupational disease can be more difficult to discern when the case is assessed, knowing the rules is critical.

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