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Workers' comp: What are AWW, compensation rate for TTD and SEB?

When an injured worker or the family of a deceased worker files a workers' compensation claim with the Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation or any other workers' compensation insurance carrier in Louisiana, they encounter certain terms that they may not have been familiar with earlier. However, it is important to understand those terms thoroughly in order to make sure that their claim is paid accurately. Some of the most common of those terms (or initialisms) are "AWW," "compensation for TTD" and "SEB."

Benefits payable under Louisiana's workers' compensation program

For a worker who is injured on the job, benefits received under the state's workers' compensation program are a vital source of financial support, not only for that injured worker but also for the worker's family. According to the current laws in Louisiana, an injured worker, or the family of a worker who was killed on the job, is entitled to certain benefits under Louisiana's workers' compensation program.

Workers' compensation benefits for mental injury

Accidents can happen in all kinds of workplaces, and they can lead to all kinds of injuries. Many workers may not know that the Louisiana workers' compensation system can provide benefits for mental as well as physical injuries that happen in the course of the worker's employment.

What are the four most common construction workplace injuries?

Driving through a construction zone during congested rush hour traffic can be frustrating to say the least. However, no one can deny that construction workers perform very necessary services in Louisiana. They repair our roads and other infrastructures, erect buildings and homes and remodel or refurbish existing buildings.

Workers' compensation benefits and PTSD

For too long, Louisiana workers who were suffering from the aftereffects of an incident or accident on the job were limited in their workers' compensation claims. Their injuries or conditions needed to be clear and evident to receive benefits. For workers who were suffering from mental and emotional strain due to something they experienced at work, workers' compensation benefits were generally unavailable. In the past, there was nothing they could do.

Understanding time limits for workers' compensation benefits

When a Louisiana worker is injured on the job and needs workers' compensation benefits, there could be a variety of issues and considerations to address during the process of getting the payments they are entitled to. The situation will dictate how to handle it.

Motorcycle officers face medical expenses after motorcade crash

When there are workplace accidents in Lake Charles and across Louisiana, those who are injured are likely to face medical expenses, lost wages and other problems that make workers' compensation a necessity. A worker can suffer injuries in any kind of job, but there are certain types of employment in which a worker is automatically in danger due to the requirements inherent in the occupation. Law enforcement is one such job.

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