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Medical Malpractice Archives

Deaths due to medical malpractice are a nationwide problem

Anytime a Louisiana resident or anyone across the nation goes to the doctor, there is an expectation that the issues they have will be correctly diagnosed and treated. Unfortunately, mistakes happen. The scope of the problem might be vaguely understood without research into this issue, but the research is showing the dangers of a medical error and death to be far higher than previously thought. Those who have been affected or believe they might have been affected and lost a loved one because of a medical mistake should know their rights to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Surgical equipment left inside a patient afflicts Army vet

When a person in Louisiana or anywhere across the U.S. needs to have a surgical procedure, there is a fundamental expectation that the medical professionals will behave in an appropriate manner and not make inexcusable mistakes. One that is of specific concern is if there is a surgeon mistake and a piece of equipment is left inside a patient. When this happens, it can lead to a worsened condition and even death. For people who have been harmed by this type of error, it is imperative to speak to a legal professional about a possible medical malpractice lawsuit.

Misdiagnosis often warrants a medical malpractice lawsuit

Louisianans who are seeking treatment for an illness or injury are functioning under the expectation that the medical professionals in whom they are trusting their lives will be accurate in their diagnosis. Despite all the news stories of medical mistakes leading to a worsened condition in patients and even death, there remains a fundamental trust in doctors and medical staff to be right in their assessments. Unfortunately, mistakes will continue to happen and people suffer because of it. Those who have been harmed or lost a loved one because of a medical mistake must be aware of their right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Surgical errors during cosmetic procedure paralyzes woman

For Louisianans and people across the nation who are striving to make themselves look and feel better, cosmetic surgery is commonplace. Often, they might not think about the dangers of the procedures and fail to realize that it is surgery and carries with it the same risks as a necessary medical procedure. Doctors and medical staff must be attentive and professional. The same standard of care is applicable for cosmetic surgeries as it is for other kinds of medical treatments. When there is an error and it causes serious injury or death, those who are affected may want to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Missed diabetes diagnosis can lead to worsened condition

Many people in Louisiana and across the nation are diagnosed with diabetes. The dangers of the condition are well-known, and people can find themselves disabled, debilitated and eventually lose their lives because of diabetes. However, for many, the condition is controllable if they receive the proper diagnosis. If they do not, it can result in a worsened condition and long-term -- even fatal -- problems. It has recently come to light that diabetes is not limited to the two common classifications, Type 1 and Type 2. There is a Type 3c that is frequently misdiagnosed as Type 2.

Depressed nurses can lead to medical malpractice

When a Louisianan goes for treatment at a medical center, one of the last things that he or she is expecting is to be negatively affected by the state of mind of one of the caregivers. However, if a person is not paying strict attention to what he or she is doing or is feeling emotionally or physically under the weather, it stands to reason that they might not be as focused on the task at hand. This is an issue that is drawing more attention as research is showing the nurses who are depressed are more prone to making mistakes.

A lawyer can help after injuries or death due to surgical errors

Having a surgical procedure in Louisiana can be a frightening experience for the person having the surgery and their family. While most surgeries are performed successfully by the medical staff and surgeon, there can unfortunately be instances of surgical errors that lead to injuries and death. This is true whether it is a minor procedure or a major one. If a person has suffered an injury, illness or condition after a surgery and suffered damage or even died, it is important for the person and his or her family to understand their rights to pursue a lawsuit.

Machine exposes children to possible serious injury after surgery

Surgical procedures are worrisome for people in Louisiana regardless of the kind of surgery it is. It is not just the procedure itself, but that there is always the chance that there will be a mistake made by a doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist or anyone else involved. A machine might not work correctly. Other mishaps can occur. This can result in worsened condition, serious injury and even death. When this happens, those who were affected must be cognizant of their right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Surgical errors can occur due to doctor phone use

Louisianans who need to have a medical procedure will undoubtedly be apprehensive about it. Medical treatment can be intimidating and to compound the concerns about the surgery itself, doctors can make mistakes. These errors happen all too frequently. Statistically, it is possible that thousands of people die on an annual basis because of a surgeon mistake. Some will suffer a worsened condition that can negatively affect their lives. One issue that is garnering more attention as a cause is a distracted doctor.

Doctors working longer hospital hours could cause serious injury

When a Lake Charles resident goes to the hospital for treatment of an illness, condition or injury, there is an expectation that the medical professionals there will not only be competent and knowledgeable, but that they will not be hindered by long work hours and these will negatively affect their abilities. However, those work hours could present a problem as a recently implemented set of rules allows medical professionals to work for a far longer period than they did in the past. Patients who have suffered serious injury or a worsened condition and the loved ones of those who might have been severely harmed must be aware of this new rule to determine if there was a connection.

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