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Car Accidents Archives

Truck accident kills 1, injures 18

Any auto accident in Louisiana carries with it the risk that people will suffer severe injuries or death. There can be a reasonable debate as to which kinds of crashes are the most dangerous, but regardless of the actual incident, those who were injured and the family of a person who was killed will want answers as to the cause. This can be key to pursuing compensation in a legal filing.

Car accident research shows risk of teens in vehicle

Teens are an unavoidable part of the landscape of Louisiana roads. Everyone who has a driver's license started somewhere and many were teens when they first got behind the wheel. It is understandable that they will be inexperienced and make mistakes. However, since they are driving and a vehicle can easily morph into a dangerous weapon, it is important to keep up to date on research into teen drivers and their risks on the road.

Pedestrian-auto accident stats improve, but are still a problem

The vulnerability of pedestrians in Louisiana is well-known. Given the nature of driving today, it has never been riskier to be a pedestrian. Statistically, even moderate improvement in safety does not necessarily mean that pedestrians are safe.

Vehicle headlights cited as cause in pedestrian-car accidents

Pedestrians in Louisiana and across the nation are at risk of serious injuries and death if they are hit by a motor vehicle. Legislators and law enforcement are taking steps to try and reduce the number as the issue has grown worse in recent years. While this is laudable, those who have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian must remember their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing. Part of that is understanding the statistics for pedestrian accidents and the reasons why they happen.

Rider hospitalized after hit-and-run bicycle-auto accident

Bicycle accidents have been a frequent topic of discussion in Louisiana for the simple reason that there are a significant number of them on the state roadways. While it might seem repetitive to discuss them, the only way to reduce them is to understand why they happen and hope that drivers have greater vigilance when behind the wheel and sharing the road with a rider. Another factor in these accidents is that many drivers will decide to flee the scene. When there is a hit-and-run, it is even more imperative that the victim and the victim's family seek legal help immediately.

Car accident victim injured when crane crushes SUV

Roadway construction is a fundamental reality of life in Louisiana and across the nation. Since so many people travel the nation's roads, it is important for there to be maintenance and improvement as necessary. It might seem to be an inconvenience when there is slowed traffic because of roadwork, but it is preferable to the alternative of the roads being dangerous for lack of upkeep. While there are dangers when encountering construction work on the road, one thing that drivers will rarely expect is for a piece of construction equipment to crash into their vehicle causing injuries and death. Unfortunately, these incidents happen.

One-quarter of Louisiana drivers is drugged or drunk

Louisianans should always be concerned about the possibility of encountering a drunk driver when out on the road. While it might be a minor consideration for many, research indicates that the risk is even higher than it was generally perceived to be. Recently, a task force set up by the governor has expressed its intention to take steps to stem the rise of drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Car flees scene after auto accident with motorcycle

In Lake Charles and across Louisiana, there are times when an auto accident is unavoidable. There could be many reasons for why the accident occurs but when there is a crash the drivers should remain at the scene to ensure the others who were in the accident are not seriously hurt. If they are, it is imperative that they call for emergency help immediately. Sometimes, the driver will not do that and will flee.

Being a distracted driver crosses generational lines

To drive safely, responsible Louisianans will understand that they need to focus on the road and not allow themselves to become a distracted driver. However, it is a fact that people are growing more and more reckless on the road because of the accessibility technology accords them -- namely, smartphones and other devices. Studies show different statistics when assessing who is most at risk for distracted driving. One takes the blame away from Millennials for the rise in distracted driving and indicates that older drivers are taking part in the activity on a regular basis.

Study finds

The advent of smartphones and other mobile devices gave drivers a potentially dangerous new kind of distraction, and authorities say it has led to many new auto accidents. In recent years, lawmakers and law enforcement personnel have struggled with ways to reduce the danger of distracted driving. They have passed new laws, ramped up enforcement and launched educational campaigns. Still, people keep looking at their phones instead of the road in front of them, sometimes with tragic results. The National Safety Council estimates that cellphone use is involved in 26 percent of all traffic accidents.

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