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Poll shows drivers realize risks of being a distracted driver

Encountering a distracted driver is one of the most frequent causes of a car accident in Louisiana and across the nation. This is an issue that is commonly discussed and research with lawmakers trying to formulate way to discourage the practice. Polls are taken to determine whether distracted driving is a matter of ignorance or it is something that people do despite understanding the risks involved. One recent poll indicates that an overwhelming majority of people know how dangerous distracted driving is.

Car accident victim on bicycle killed in hit-and-run crash

Bicyclists and motor vehicles must share the roads in Louisiana to make sure everyone remains safe. Since a bicycle rider is so fundamentally vulnerable, there is a substantial chance that there will be catastrophic injuries and fatalities no matter how cautious they are or what protective equipment they wear. These accidents can happen for many reasons. After car accidents, one thing is certain, drivers are required to remain at the scene to make certain that everyone is safe and if they are not, emergency personnel are called to help. If this does not happen and there are injuries or fatalities, a car accident victim has the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Car accidents could have been caused by popular game app

Distracted driving is a known problem in Louisiana and across the country. While most associate being distracted in today's world with people using their cellphones for a variety of purposes, one issue that is being considered as problematic for drivers to keep their eyes on the road is playing games. One that received significant attention was Pokemon Go. A new study has shown that this game might have been a significant factor in numerous car crashes.

Driver loses control and hits bicyclist in car crash

Many Louisianans prefer to get exercise when they go from one place to another. They will leave the car at home and use a bicycle. While this is beneficial for the person's health, can save money and is good for the environment, there is no doubt that regardless of the safety precautions that bicyclists take, they are notoriously vulnerable to injury and death in car accidents. When there is a car crash with a bicycle, and the bicyclist is injured or killed, the bicyclist and his or her family must be cognizant of what they will face in the aftermath and consider a legal filing to be compensated.

Certain demographics are more likely to be a distracted driver

Statistics can be beneficial to understanding why a car crash might have happened in Louisiana and across the nation. Since distracted driving is a problem that is so frequently referenced as a cause of auto accidents, studies are conducted to examine its circumstances. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that 14 percent of crashes in the United States, and 12 percent of crashes throughout the world happen because of distracted driving. A new study into what leads to distracted driving shows that certain demographics may be more prone to the practice than others.

Distracted driver campaign seeks to reduce its frequency

These days, many Louisianans are aware of the fact that they might encounter a distracted driver when out on the road. The number of ways in which a person can be distracted has exploded due to advancements in technology. Whereas radios, eating and dealing with passengers were the main distractions in years past, the list has expanded to texting and driving, emailing, watching films, sports and more. Legislators, law enforcement, safety advocates and insurers are seeking ways to tamp down on the practice. With that, a new campaign was initiated by Travelers to reduce distracted driving.

Drowsy driving car accidents a risk after Daylight Saving Time

Louisianans who look forward to Daylight Saving Time to get that precious "extra" hour of sleep will often think that it is not a risk in any way except to their sleep patterns, which can be adapted relatively quickly. However, research indicates that the time immediately after Daylight Saving Time can place one in a significant risk to being involved in a car accident because of a drowsy driver. Understanding this risk can help motorists be more watchful, but it will not prevent some crashes that can cause injuries and fatalities.

Texting and driving lead driver to crash into motorcycle

In Louisiana and across the nation, the dangers of texting and driving are known. Law enforcement and legislators are seeking to determine how best to convince people that they should not use their smartphones for any reason while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, drivers continue to believe they can multitask or that being a distracted driver is not that risky. The reality is that in today's world, when car accidents occur, the first thought is that it was due to a distracted driver. Those who are injured or have lost a loved one in a crash must make certain there is a full investigation as to the cause so they can use it as part of a legal filing for compensation.

New, teen drivers at high risk for fatal auto accidents

Getting a driver's license is one of the most exciting moments in their lives for teens in Louisiana and across the country. However, other drivers are aware of the dangers that teen drivers pose. Teen drivers are inexperienced, may believe they can multitask by texting and driving and the may simply make mistakes. Researchers are studying the risk factors for teen drivers and found that teens are at high risk for being involved in a fatal auto accident.

Good Samaritan hurt in Lake Charles hit-and-run car crash

When there is a car crash in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana, those involved are expected to stop to ensure that people are uninjured and call for help if they are. It is unfortunate that some do not adhere to this ethical duty after car accidents. A hit-and-run auto accident makes it more difficult to garner information about the circumstances and, as with any accident, it can result in injury and death. In a hit-and-run crash, the car accident victim must remember to protect his or her interests.

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