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Country sees a significant number of boating accidents in 2017

As summer heats up in Louisiana, more people will take to their personal watercrafts, including motorboats, jet skis and fishing boats. Louisiana boasts a wide variety of places to enjoy boating, but it is the unfortunate case that boating accidents are not unusual, and cause thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities every year. Recent statistics show just how serious the issue of recreational boating accidents is.

Serious injuries and death can result from shore injuries

When the words "boat accident" are heard in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana, the first thought that naturally comes to mind is an incident on the water. This is understandable. However, not all boat accidents or watercraft accidents occur when people are on the vessel or in the water. These accidents can impact people who are on the shore too. Serious injuries and fatalities can happen to those on the shore just as easily as it can happen to boaters and swimmers. After an accident on the shore to workers or people there for other reasons, it is imperative to contact a law firm that has experience in all types of watercraft accidents.

Woman suffers serious injuries from boat propeller

For many in Lake Charles, the height of summer enjoyment is water-based activities. While this is generally viewed as a safe activity, there are still dangers. Any vehicle carries a certain amount of danger. It is vital that boaters obey the law. Unfortunately, many do not, and accidents with injuries and fatalities happen. But, a lawsuit can be useful to recover compensation to pay for medical costs and other damages.

Recent campaign shows danger of a boating accident

The warmer months throughout Louisiana and especially in Lake Charles means there will be many people who take to the water to enjoy time on boats. While this is an enjoyable activity, there are inherent dangers with it. These go beyond a person who might have fallen off a boat or become injured in an incident that was not linked to the behavior of others. Drunk boaters are such a continuing issue that an attempt to bring attention to the dangers of a boating accident resulted in "Operation Dry Water". Despite this focus, people will inevitably be involved in a boat collision with injuries and fatalities. Those who were hurt must be aware of their right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Fatal boating accident claims life of fisherman on charter boat

Boating and activities on the water are an integral part of life in Louisiana. Not only do residents of the state enjoy these activities - swimming, fishing, boating - but visitors come from all over to take part as well. While most of these activities are safe, there are also a fair number of accidents that occur when people are out on the water. Even those who are taking care to ensure they are behaving safely can find themselves injured or killed in a boating accident. Having legal assistance from an attorney who has experience in admiralty & maritime law is a key part of filing a case to be compensated.

Legal help is imperative after a watercraft accident

While Louisiana's waterways provide economic benefit to workers, attracts tourists to the state, and fun activities for people young and old, there remains the potential for a watercraft accident, a boat collision, serious injuries and fatalities. For those who have been affected by being injured themselves or have lost a loved one in this type of incident, having legal assistance to pursue compensation is imperative.

Boating accident statistics are rising in Louisiana

Louisiana state and governmental authorities understand that there are many people who enjoy the warm weather of the summer on the water with boating activities. While most people are cautious, they also know there are dangers involved with the activity and boat accidents will still occur. A boating accident can cause serious injuries and even death. With the summer a busy time for boating, the National Safe Boating Council is encouraging people to be safe.

Fatal boating accidents on the rise in Louisiana

As the weather improves and schools let out for holidays, people may engage in recreational activities, like boating. Summer weather allows boaters and passengers to enjoy the fresh air and unwind. However, in the process of unwinding, people may end up having a little too much to drink. After all, alcohol has been found to be the leading cause of boating accidents, at around 15 percent of deaths across the country and 12.5 percent in Louisiana.

Alcohol increases chances of fatal boating accidents

Louisiana residents may have heard of the term DUI and know it refers to driving under the influence, but they may not be familiar with BUI-boating under the influence. According to the Coast Guard, a boat operator who has as much alcohol as a vehicle driver is likely to become more impaired faster than the driver.

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