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Month: September 2022

Do drivers experience change blindness?

Drivers already experience a number of potentially dangerous distractions while on the road. Unfortunately, their own brain may work against them at some point, too. This is the case with change blindness, which can easily impact a driver of any age or experience with...

Did you hurt your spine at work?

Back pain is actually the leading cause of people calling out from work across the globe. However, back injuries can cause more than just a few days that require rest and an ice pack. Injuries to certain parts of the back, like the spine, can result in lasting damage...

Can crush injuries happen in car crashes?

Crush injuries can occur in any place where there are large and/or heavy objects. Despite this, most people associate it with fields like construction or manufacturing. While these job fields do have a higher risk of crush injuries, it can still happen to everyone....


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