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What do frontal lobe injuries look like?

After taking a hit from the front or behind in a car, it is likely that a person's frontal lobe will end up damaged in some way. Injuries to this area of the brain often result in unique trauma and damage that reflect how the victim may behave or even view the world...

How does drowsiness cause crashes?

Many people already have an awareness of some of the most dangerous driving behaviors on the road. However, the dangers of drowsy driving often escape the public's notice at large. What about drowsy driving makes it such a high-risk activity? And how does it...

3 tips for safe family biking

Biking with the family is a fine way to stay in shape while you spend quality time with those you love; however, this activity is not without its dangers. While The New York Times notes that the amount of traffic on roadways fell nearly 75% in 2020, biking with...

Who is most likely to be a road rager?

When you are on the road and heading toward your destination, you may look around and notice some other drivers are aggressive and dangerous. Learning about the common traits and practices that signal that someone is a road rager can help you understand why car...


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