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Month: February 2021

What should you know about RSIs?

The workplace is home to many potential threats to your health, and some of the biggest threats are the ones that exist right in front of you. This includes the threat of repetitive strain injuries. These injuries can come in many forms and degrees of severity. Worse...

How does drowsiness impact accident rates?

As a driver, you want to know what all the biggest roadway dangers are. The top risks may evolve over time, but often stay the same. For example, distracted driving habits always hold the first position. Drowsiness is one of these dangerous distracted driving habits....

Are pain and suffering real?

How much do people have to suffer before it becomes an injury? This is the seemingly impossible question you have to answer when you are negotiating a car accident injury claim. The claimant's side would probably argue that any increased stress, pain or discomfort is...


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