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The Aftermath of Hurricane Laura and the Challenges Homeowners Face

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Insurance Bad Faith

Powered by 150 mph wind, Hurricane Laura’s power and the aftermath will be felt for a long time as homeowners try to put their lives back together. Many homes suffered serious damage.

Severe storms of this nature are hard to predict. Longtime Louisiana residents are accustomed to this level of inclement weather. Many have a routine to minimize the harm to their homes when a hurricane approaches. Yet, despite their best efforts, dwellings can suffer catastrophic damage.

Insurance Policies Can Provide Peace of Mind

Being prepared also includes a current homeowner’s insurance policy that will cover the destruction of personal property that hurricanes leave behind. Additional coverage may be necessary and includes:

  • Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, specifically comprehensive coverage beyond liability can provide compensation for cars and trucks damaged in a hurricane
  • Business insurance for entrepreneurs, an essential component in their respective budgets to cover lost income and additional expenses

Preparation is also needed after a hurricane to mitigate the damage following the storm. Before insurance adjusters arrive to survey the damage, homeowners should take the time to make temporary fixes, including exposed areas of a roof covered in tarp and plywood shielding broken windows. Any money spent on these items should be documented in the form of store receipts for possible reimbursement.

Rejection and Reductions are a Possibility

Even with all that effort, adjusters could still minimize or deny a claim. They work for the insurance companies, not homeowners, and will communicate what can be expected in the way of compensation, including the possibility of temporary housing and living expenses.

Far too often, the more money that a provider would have to pay out increases the chances of a claim denial or significant reduction. However, any type of adverse ruling is not the final say. Many insurance companies find themselves accused of “bad faith” that results in consequences that may lead to financial damages and interest for the policyholder.


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