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June 2019 Archives

Country sees a significant number of boating accidents in 2017

As summer heats up in Louisiana, more people will take to their personal watercrafts, including motorboats, jet skis and fishing boats. Louisiana boasts a wide variety of places to enjoy boating, but it is the unfortunate case that boating accidents are not unusual, and cause thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities every year. Recent statistics show just how serious the issue of recreational boating accidents is.

Type 2 diabetes misdiagnosis can lead to organ damage

Each year many people in Louisiana and across the nation are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This is a serious condition in which a person's pancreas produces insulin, but their cells cannot use insulin effectively, causing what physicians refer to as insulin resistance. This leads to high blood sugar, which could cause long-term damage to a person's health.

Workers' compensation benefits and PTSD

For too long, Louisiana workers who were suffering from the aftereffects of an incident or accident on the job were limited in their workers' compensation claims. Their injuries or conditions needed to be clear and evident to receive benefits. For workers who were suffering from mental and emotional strain due to something they experienced at work, workers' compensation benefits were generally unavailable. In the past, there was nothing they could do.

Understanding time limits for workers' compensation benefits

When a Louisiana worker is injured on the job and needs workers' compensation benefits, there could be a variety of issues and considerations to address during the process of getting the payments they are entitled to. The situation will dictate how to handle it.

Doctors frequently misdiagnose colon cancer in young patients

Before you can receive the right treatment, you have to get the right diagnosis. Getting that diagnosis might seem easy enough. You go to the doctor, explain your symptoms, and then the doctor gives you the answers you need. This is not how things work for many patients in Louisiana. Doctors misdiagnose patients quite frequently, including when dealing with serious illnesses like cancer.

Auto accident statistics for teen drivers spark concern

Teen drivers in Louisiana and throughout the United States are known to be a danger to others sharing the road. Often, this is because of a simple lack of experience behind the wheel. It is inevitable that new drivers will make mistakes. Nevertheless, when there is a car crash, those who have been impacted should be aware of the possibility that a teen caused it and consider steps to recover compensation in a legal filing.

Wrongful death in a nursing home requires legal help

One of the more difficult decisions a Louisiana family must make centers around when to put a loved one in a nursing home. If the person has reached an age at which he or she needs supervision, medical care, or are suffering from an issue that requires monitoring but not hospitalization, then placing them in a nursing home is a wise step for everyone's benefit.

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