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April 2019 Archives

Legal help to fight negligent truck companies

Louisianans can suffer catastrophic injuries and fatalities in any kind of auto accident, but some of the most dangerous wrecks are those that involve large trucks. These vehicles perform a desperately needed service in making deliveries of various items across the nation, however this fact does not eliminate the dangers inherent with them. Because they are so massive, travel at significant speeds, and their drivers are required to go great distances, these trucks can cause severe damage in an accident.

How much does temporary total workers' compensation pay?

The basic questions are often the most important when a Louisiana worker suffers workplace injuries or is diagnosed with an occupational disease. One that frequently arises is how much they will receive in workers' compensation benefits if they are determined to have temporary total disability. As the name suggests, a person in this situation will be totally disabled, but it is not permanent and they are expected to eventually improve.

In 2019, distracted driver incidents continue to rise

For Louisianans and people across the nation, discussions about encountering a distracted driver are becoming a constant part of everyday life. This is largely because there are so many people who are getting behind the wheel and then decide they can multitask by using a device or taking part in other activities.

Fatal auto accidents could increase with ride-sharing

Convenience and safety are two reasons for people in Louisiana to use ridesharing services. Rather than drive themselves, there are benefits to using these apps. If, for example, a person has a night out and drinks alcohol, it is preferable to let someone else drive rather than run the risk of causing an accident and being arrested for driving under the influence. However, with any innovation, there are inevitable risks.

Distracted teens at substantially higher auto accident risk

Teen drivers in Louisiana and across the nation will not have experience on their side when they are behind the wheel. That lack of driving experience lends itself to mistakes, like driving distracted, that can cause an auto accident.. After an auto accident with a teen, determining if it was due to distraction can be a key point for a victim to consider when evaluating options.

How do you feel about sharing the road with automated vehicles?

You have probably heard about the self-driving vehicles that many automakers are rushing to develop. Some of the most popular manufacturers in the United States and beyond are all striving to be the first company to successfully develop, market and release a fully automated vehicle for public use. Like many others, you may have deep concerns about these vehicles and how safe they truly are.

Fatal accident occurs because trucker allegedly dropped cellphone

The combination of large trucks and distracted driving is a worrisome danger in Louisiana and across the entire nation. While the general belief is that a trucker might speed, act negligently, or drive drowsy or distracted is understandable. After all, auto accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Sadly, these acts often cause serious injuries and death. Regardless of the way the accident came about, one thing is certain: a family will face a litany of issues after the unexpected loss of a loved one. To determine how to move forward and whether a lawsuit for compensation is the wisest step, calling for legal advice may prove beneficial.

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