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March 2019 Archives

Drowsy driving from changing clocks can spark car accidents

For Louisianans and people across the U.S., the spring time change when the clocks are moved an hour forward to gain an hour of daylight might seem to be a minor issue. Many see it as a small adjustment with the inconvenience of a lost hour of sleep, but it takes a short time to grow accustomed to it.

Fatal accident believed to have been due to speeding driver

Drivers in Lake Charles and across Louisiana are putting their trust in other motorists when they are on the road. Therefore, safety is only ensured when everyone adheres to the posted speed limit, refrains from driving under the influence, keep both eyes and hands on the road avoiding distractions, and not behaving recklessly. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow these basic rules and accidents happen because of it. Many times, the accident does not injure or kill the driver who was exhibiting these dangerous behaviors, but leads to a wrongful death incident with innocent individuals, as illustrated by a recent crash.

Beware of unanticipated hazards while operating heavy equipment

If you work as an operator of heavy equipment in an industrial facility or construction site in Louisiana, you would likely have the required training and qualifications to do so. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration expects your employer to protect your health and safety on the job. A part of that responsibility is to provide safety training that will prepare you to deal with known hazards linked to the equipment.

Motherhood, burnout and medical malpractice might be linked

When Louisianans think about medical errors and what caused them, they will inevitably consider simple carelessness, a lack of experience, miscommunication between medical professionals and other common reasons why these dangerous incidents occur. A careless surgeon, a general practitioner who made the wrong diagnosis, wrong-site surgery and medication mistakes can happen for a variety of reasons.

Pedestrian accident fatalities the highest in three decades

Most Louisianans understand the need to be cautious when walking near streets. Given the number of distracted drivers, motorists who are under the influence, and reckless or negligent driver, there is always a chance that a pedestrian-auto accident will occur. Statistics regarding pedestrian accidents and fatalities give a sense of the scope of the problem.

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