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February 2019 Archives

Auto accident deaths surpass 40,000 for third year in a row

Increased road safety is important to Louisianans and people across the nation. To determine how to achieve this, research is critical. While technology is improving and law enforcement and legislators have more information at their disposal to determine strategies to improve safety, there are still a significant number of auto accidents resulting in personal injury and death. Research from the National Safety Council (NSC) showed just how common fatal auto accidents have been and continue to be.

Serious injuries and death can result from shore injuries

When the words "boat accident" are heard in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana, the first thought that naturally comes to mind is an incident on the water. This is understandable. However, not all boat accidents or watercraft accidents occur when people are on the vessel or in the water. These accidents can impact people who are on the shore too. Serious injuries and fatalities can happen to those on the shore just as easily as it can happen to boaters and swimmers. After an accident on the shore to workers or people there for other reasons, it is imperative to contact a law firm that has experience in all types of watercraft accidents.

Study: Patients face medical malpractice in MS misdiagnosis

Louisianans who are having medical issues and seeking treatment from a doctor are doing so under the belief that they will be diagnosed accurately and receive the necessary treatment to improve their condition. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for misdiagnosis to take place. If the initial medical assessment suggested that the person was suffering from a serious condition and they do not really have that condition, then they might receive unnecessary treatment for it or the wrong treatment entirely. This can cause serious injury and a worsened condition. For those who have been impacted by this type of mistake, having legal advice is imperative if they hope to impose liability and recover compensation for the harm caused to them.

Auto accident statistics for trucks stay flat even with new rules

With so many semi-trucks on the road and the potential hazards they can cause, these commercial vehicles and their operators face additional government rules and regulations. Safety measures are constantly implemented in an attempt to reduce the chance of these crashes, but it takes time to determine how successful they are.

Nurse's medical mistake leads to patient death

One of the biggest responsibilities Louisiana medical professionals have is to dispense medication. In a hospital, where there is a litany of medications that are designed to treat a variety of ailments, it is not unusual for there to be a mistake when these are given. Some of these mistakes are especially dangerous and can cause a patient to suffer permanent damage and even die.

Motorcycle rider dies in accident, vehicle driver arrested

Motorcyclists in Louisiana are known to be vulnerable to injuries and death when involved in a crash. If drivers of conventional vehicles lack the vigilance and care needed to ensure that riders are safe when they share the road, it is unavoidable that these accidents will occur. To compound these incidents, the driver of a passenger vehicle who has just been in a crash with a motorcyclist will often try to flee the scene and avoid responsibility. People who have been hurt or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident must put aside their grief and anger and think logically about the future by pursuing a legal claim in hopes of recovering compensation. This very well may be the situation for one motorcycle accident victim and the family of a man who was killed in that wreck.

Childbirth complications increase in the U.S.

Childbirth is one of the most common and natural medical events in life. Each year, about 4 million parents anticipate the arrival of a new child, and preparations for welcoming a baby can be quite elaborate. However, childbirth is not without its risks, and diligent parents take prenatal care seriously. Expectant mothers may read and research what to expect during the delivery process, and nervous dads may ask advice of seasoned fathers.

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