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December 2018 Archives

Alleged hit-and-run drunk driver crashes into and kills bicyclist

When Louisianans head out on the road after drinking, they are putting themselves and others in danger of suffering catastrophic injuries and death in an auto accident. While this is known and law enforcement is out in force trying to stop these drivers before anyone gets hurt, it still happens with an alarming frequency.

BLS releases latest fatal workplace accident statistics

A fatal accident can happen at any time and in any kind of job in Louisiana. While there are some jobs that are automatically assumed to place workers in danger due to the sheer nature of them, accidents and wrongful death incidents are universal. The litany of issues that accompany the loss of a loved one in a fatal workplace accident can be complex. The statistics and research into workplace fatalities - released annually by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - can be integral when a family that has been impacted by such an incident considers a legal filing.

Drunk driver injures several in head-on accident

Drivers in Louisiana might be harmlessly minding their own business as they head out on the road and suddenly encounter a drunk driver. This can cause an accident with injuries and death. While it might provide some solace that the driver was arrested for going out on the road after drinking, that does not alter the dramatic life changes that people can face after being injured in this type of car crash. For those who have been impacted, a legal filing might be needed to recover compensation for all that was lost.

Distracted driving laws lower motorcycle fatal accident stats

Motorcyclists are frequently spotted on the Louisiana roads. While drivers will generally do whatever they can to maintain safety for the rider, some do not pay attention to the road. Distracted driving remains one of the biggest dangers drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians will face. While lawmakers try to deal with the issue, it is important to keep track of studies regarding how distracted drivers can cause a fatal accident. With motorcyclists, this is especially problematic. A recent study indicates that the number of fatalities with motorcyclists is worse in states where there is no ban on using cellphones while driving. This could be important for those who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash and want to file a wrongful death claim.

Vocational rehabilitation and workers' compensation

Louisiana workers who suffer a workplace injury that they eventually will improve from sufficiently to get back to work might face the problem of being able to work, but not being able to do the job they did before. While workers' compensation benefits are in place to help the injured, people who have lost wages and need medical treatment, it is important to know what rights a worker has when trying to get back to work for the former employer and what alternatives are available in this situation.

Accidents involving a distracted driver do more damage

The stories about distracted drivers in Louisiana are heard every day. Simply looking left and right when on the road is not entirely enough these days. Drivers texting and driving, making a phone call, surfing the web, checking social media or doing any one of the innumerable things possible on a cellphone, have only increased the dangers to pedestrians and other drivers. This is a growing danger for people to be in an auto accident with injuries and death. Despite law enforcement and legislators exhorting drivers not to take part in the practice, it continues. Researchers examine the phenomenon as well.

What is threatening your safety in the workplace?

No matter what type of job you have, it is likely that you face some risks and hazards in the workplace. From construction sites to office buildings, there are certain things workers should look for and recognize as safety concerns and potential dangers. There may be problems threatening your health and safety every day, and you may not even know it. 

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