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September 2018 Archives

Healthcare groups seek to stop serious injury from medical errors

Louisianans who have a medical issue and seek treatment will do so thinking that the medical professionals will take all the necessary steps to get the correct diagnosis and act accordingly. Unfortunately, the frequency with which medical errors are made is problematic. It can cause serious injury, worsened condition and death. Medical professionals who will inevitably be confronted with legal filings for compensation due to their mistakes are also keenly aware of the problem. To reduce the troubling number of errors that are made, more than 40 healthcare organizations are banding together to try and improve various aspects of medical care.

Understanding occupational disease with workers' compensation

Work accidents can happen at any time and in any job in Louisiana. Workers' compensation benefits are integral for an injured worker to have medical expenses covered and to receive pay while recovering. While workplace injuries are often clear and obvious, other kinds of issues that stem from work can be more complicated. Workers' compensation is especially important when workers suffer an occupational disease. Since an occupational disease can be more difficult to discern when the case is assessed, knowing the rules is critical.

Pipe manufacturer employee dies in workplace accident

Certain jobs in Louisiana carry with them a significant amount of risk to workers. Others might seem relatively safe. Regardless of the type of work a person does, there is always the chance that there will be an accident with injuries. In a worst-case, these injuries can be fatal. For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal workplace accident, the immediate aftermath will entail the emotional effect of an unexpected death. Other issues will quickly come to the forefront, including lost income, lost companionship and more. Although, it is difficult to think about, a wrongful death lawsuit can help to recover compensation.

One-quarter of Louisiana drivers is drugged or drunk

Louisianans should always be concerned about the possibility of encountering a drunk driver when out on the road. While it might be a minor consideration for many, research indicates that the risk is even higher than it was generally perceived to be. Recently, a task force set up by the governor has expressed its intention to take steps to stem the rise of drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Car flees scene after auto accident with motorcycle

In Lake Charles and across Louisiana, there are times when an auto accident is unavoidable. There could be many reasons for why the accident occurs but when there is a crash the drivers should remain at the scene to ensure the others who were in the accident are not seriously hurt. If they are, it is imperative that they call for emergency help immediately. Sometimes, the driver will not do that and will flee.

Workers who are not U.S. citizens can get workers' compensation

Given the concerns that confront non-citizens of the United States in Louisiana and across the nation, there might be a hesitation to reporting injuries suffered in a workplace accident. These worries add a new layer to the natural fear that immigrants might have if they are injured on the job and require workers' compensation benefits. Fortunately, non-citizens can get workers' compensation benefits just like any other citizen. Understanding what benefits are available and how to get them often requires assistance from a legal professional.

Stay clear of the No-Zones when sharing the roadway with big rigs

If you are a Louisiana commuter in Lake Charles and the surrounding areas, you likely have to deal with congested traffic on the major roadways. Motorists are typically more vulnerable when they share these roads with commercial vehicles like freight haulers, oil refinery trucks, FedEx and other package delivery trucks, construction vehicles and more. While the presence of large vehicles might be threatening, motorists have to learn how to share the roads safely with the various types of trucks.

Pickup turns into motorcyclist's path leading to fatal accident

Regardless of how cautious Lake Charles motorcyclists are when they are on the road, their vulnerability to being injured or facing a wrongful death incident in an accident is inherent and well-known. Because they are on a smaller vehicle that drivers of conventional vehicles will have the propensity to miss if they are not paying strict attention, accidents because of negligence or recklessness can occur and lead to significant damage. When there is a motorcycle crash and it leads to death, it is imperative that the family of the deceased person understands their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing with help from a qualified attorney.

Being a distracted driver crosses generational lines

To drive safely, responsible Louisianans will understand that they need to focus on the road and not allow themselves to become a distracted driver. However, it is a fact that people are growing more and more reckless on the road because of the accessibility technology accords them -- namely, smartphones and other devices. Studies show different statistics when assessing who is most at risk for distracted driving. One takes the blame away from Millennials for the rise in distracted driving and indicates that older drivers are taking part in the activity on a regular basis.

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