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Recent campaign shows danger of a boating accident

The warmer months throughout Louisiana and especially in Lake Charles means there will be many people who take to the water to enjoy time on boats. While this is an enjoyable activity, there are inherent dangers with it. These go beyond a person who might have fallen off a boat or become injured in an incident that was not linked to the behavior of others. Drunk boaters are such a continuing issue that an attempt to bring attention to the dangers of a boating accident resulted in “Operation Dry Water”. Despite this focus, people will inevitably be involved in a boat collision with injuries and fatalities. Those who were hurt must be aware of their right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators led the effort for the promotion. With it, law enforcement is showing a strong presence on the water to ensure boaters are adhering to the regulations. At the height of summer, this is not an attempt to keep people from having a good time on the water. It is an attempt to promote safety. Many people might be under the impression that boating is different from driving and the rules for alcohol consumption do not apply when operating a boat. This is a mistake.

People who are charged with driving while intoxicated on a boat can face various charges for a first, second and third offense. This includes jail time and fines of varying severity. Representatives from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries say that the number of boats on the water raises the chance that there will be an accident. Since some people flout the law and use alcohol or narcotics and operate the boat after that, there is a greater chance of a boat collision. A person with a higher amount of alcohol in the system stands a greater chance of death when on a boat.

Although the promotion was scheduled for the last weekend in June, a watercraft accident is something that can happen throughout the summer when kids are out of school and families will pursue time on the water. When there is a boating accident, those who were affected should be aware of their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing for medical costs, lost wages and more. A law firm that is experienced in admiralty and maritime law can help.


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