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Two high schoolers in crosswalk hurt in pedestrian-auto accident

In Louisiana, pedestrians are vulnerable to injuries and death as a car accident victim. Since vehicles can be large, heavy and travel at significant speed, a pedestrian has little chance of emerging from a crash unscathed. The injuries can lead to massive medical costs, lost time at work and other problems. Fatalities are a very real possibility. Notably at risk for being in pedestrian-car accidents are children and teens. Many of these accidents happen in the morning when youngsters are heading to school, or in the afternoon when they are heading home. After such an accident, it is critical to know how best to move forward to seek compensation for all that was lost.

An accident with a car sent two high school students to the hospital recently. They were crossing the street as they headed to class and were in the crosswalk. The victims were both female and the accident happened in the morning. One had moderate injuries. She was taken to one hospital and subsequently transferred to another hospital so she could see a specialist. The other victim had an injury to her hand. She received treatment and was released. The driver was cited for failing to yield to pedestrians when they were in a crosswalk.

A pedestrian being hit by a car can cause an extensive amount of damage. There can be bruises, cuts, broken bones, damage to the spinal cord and head injuries. Some of these injuries can make it necessary to have a long hospital stay, surgical procedures and the inability to ever again live a normal life. Even moderate injuries can have a profoundly negative impact on a person’s life. If there is a fatality, the family left behind must think about all they have lost by the untimely death in a personal, emotional and financial way. A legal filing is often the only way to recover compensation for all that was lost.

Fortunately, the initial assessment of the injuries in the recent accident are not serious. However, that can change as time passes. Regardless, the victims have the right to be compensated for their injuries.

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