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The right approach after workplace injuries on oil rigs

Working in the oil industry and on oil rigs is a common way for Louisiana residents to earn a living. While they are proud of the work and take care to do it safely, there is no denying how dangerous it can be. This was evidenced with a recent incident in which there was an explosion leading to injuries and fatality. People who work on tankers, oil rigs and platforms are notoriously vulnerable to suffering workplace injuries. A concern that many should have is what they would do if they are hurt and unable to work for a time, if not forever. This is when it is vital to think about workers’ compensation benefits.

Having legal assistance from an attorney who understands this industry, is aware of the necessary safety protocols and knows about the workers’ compensation process is integral to getting the benefits that are necessary and have been earned. Any worker who is in this industry can suffer an injury or a fatality. People who are mechanics, operating the machinery or the rig, deckhands and more are susceptible to an accident.

The accident might have happened due to human error, a problem with the machinery or because the employer let safety procedures and oversight lapse. A full investigation is essential to determine the cause and gather evidence to move forward with a case. Whether it is a crush injury from something falling from above or two pieces of equipment coming together, toxic exposure, broken bones, head injuries, back injuries or anything else, checking for evidence is key.

The deck might have been wet, a worker could have fallen from a great height, dangerous holes could have been left unattended and uncovered, there could have been an issue with equipment and, as in the case linked above, there might have been an explosion. Regardless of how and why the accident happened, it is crucial to have legal assistance in seeking workers’ compensation.


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