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Car accidents and its factors contribute to high insurance rates

Louisianans who are in a car accident and suffer injuries or have lost a loved one who was in a crash will have a lot to consider after the fact. One issue that comes up is seeking compensation. Often, insurance is a major factor in the case. Insurance rates across the nation might not seem to be a consideration in the initial aftermath of an accident, but this can be an important factor as insurance rates are largely contingent on several factors that can be important in what causes a car accident and how to deal with it.

Based on information from, inexpensive gas, a great number of drivers who are distracted and people driving without insurance has raised the rates in Louisiana to the second highest in the U.S. The average premiums annually are more than $1,900. This is 46 percent higher than the average in the U.S. second only to Michigan. In three of the past eight years, Louisiana was the most expensive. The report says that almost 14 percent of drivers in the state do not have insurance. The Insurance Commissioner says 40 percent have the minimum necessary to comply with the state law.

This is a cyclical issue that should be accounted for when people go out on the road and is particularly true with the number of people who are functioning as a distracted driver and more people being on the road because of inexpensive gas. According to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, there were 192 fatalities and more than 27,000 people injured in distracted driving accidents between 2011 and 2015. Certain factors are part of determining how much a person will pay in insurance. This includes age, where a person lives, his or her driving record, history of claims and credit score.

Since there are so many accidents due to distracted drivers, insurance rates are an important consideration after a crash. People who have medical costs, lost work time or need rehabilitative should factor in the reasons why insurance in the state is so high when they are thinking about pursuing compensation. Attorneys with experience in car accidents can help to decipher the information, examine the case and assist in filing a lawsuit if appropriate.

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