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Passenger dies in car accident as loose wheel hits SUV

Louisiana car crashes are not limited to accidents between two vehicles, a vehicle and a pedestrian or a vehicle and a bicyclist. There are times when falling objects or other pieces of debris will cause a car accident. These incidents can cause just as much if not more damage than car accidents between vehicles. Those who have been injured as a car accident victim or lost a loved one in this type of crash should know how to discover who is responsible for the accident and seek compensation through a legal filing.

A woman was killed when the vehicle she was riding in was hit by a tire that had fallen off another vehicle. The incident occurred on the interstate after midnight. The tire crashed into the windshield of the SUV. In the vehicle were the woman, her husband and four children. They were going from Oklahoma to Florida. According to the law enforcement investigation, the tire is thought to have come from a truck and cattle trailer. There were other pieces attached to the tire. It went across the median of the road and hit the SUV. The woman was declared dead at the scene of the accident. The others in the vehicle had minor injuries and received treatment at the scene. The search for the suspected cattle trailer is ongoing.

When there is a car accident and a fatality, the family who has lost a loved one will have a lot to consider. Funeral expenses are one issue. The emotional, financial and personal matters that come up will be difficult to get beyond and must be taken into consideration. When the accident is still under investigation, it is vital to have a legal professional to assist with the case from every angle to garner information until all the information is found.

In this accident, a family was simply riding in their car when, out of nowhere, a tire that is believed to have come loose from a cattle truck hit the vehicle and killed a passenger. The family is now without a wife and mother. Although the investigation is ongoing, it is still imperative that the family protect itself with help from an experienced legal professional.

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