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Driver flees scene after car crash with motorcycle

It is a fact of life that people on the road in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana need to be aware of reckless drivers, inattentive drivers and those who flout traffic laws. What makes these incidents worse is when there is an accident and the driver chooses to flee the scene. Because car accidents can be so damaging and even fatal, those who were involved in the accident with a hit-and-run driver must protect themselves with legal assistance for a full investigation and the aftereffects of the car crash.

A motorcyclist suffered a broken arm in an accident with a vehicle that fled the scene. Law enforcement is seeking the driver. The accident happened in the evening at shortly before 7 p.m. The vehicle, a black four-door Honda Accord, drove into a parking lot and exited it, hitting the motorcyclist. It did not stop. The vehicle had tinted windows and is believed to have suffered damage to its passenger side by the front and rear doors.

There are numerous aspects of a car accident that must be considered. This is especially true when the vehicle does not wait to ensure that the others involved are uninjured and, if they are hurt, calls for emergency assistance. Regardless of whether the injuries suffered are broken bones and cuts that will eventually heal or are of the more severe variety with head injuries, spinal cord damage and more, there will be medical costs, lost time at work, personal injury expenses and other problems. A car accident victim and his or her family must be aware of how a crash can affect their lives. Insurance companies cannot be counted on to provide fair compensation, so it is essential to consider litigation to get a just settlement or go to court.

In this accident, a vehicle that crashed into a motorcycle sped from the scene. The motorcyclist suffered a broken arm in the crash. When there is a hit-and-run, it is imperative that the victim and the victim’s family understand how to push for the investigation to find the driver and to move forward with a legal case. A lawyer can help with all aspects of this type of accident.

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