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How does Louisiana rank in phone use while driving?

Louisiana drivers who have been getting the nagging feeling that their roadways are no longer as safe as they used to be may feel vindicated when they hear the results of a new study comparing driving habits across the country. According to the study, around 92 percent of American drivers admit to using them while in the car, with a third admitting that they had either typed a text or an email during the last month. Louisiana received the worst score in this regard in the country, coming in at 50.

This demonstrates that many people across the country and most drivers in this state believe they can remain in control of the car while using their smart phone, however their complacency has contributed to the increasing number of fatalities caused by traffic accidents in recent years. Eight people are killed daily and more than one thousand injured in crashes involving a distracted driver across the country.

Many people may have heard the statistic that texting on a phone for five seconds means that the driver has taken their eyes off the road for the length of a football field, if they are driving at 55 mph but they may not know that even after the phone has been put down, lingering distraction remains for the next 27 seconds. This means a driver’s cognitive functions are impaired for longer than one may believe.

An accident caused by a distracted driver, such as one texting and driving, is a car accident that could have been avoided. However, the loss that is suffered by the accident victim or their family members cannot be avoided or quantified-receiving compensation through a personal injury claim can simply alleviate the financial burden associated with the cost so they can continue coming to terms with their loss.


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