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May 2017 Archives

Can I hold a ridesharing driver liable in car crash?

We hear relatives and friends talking about the ease that ridehailing companies have brought into our lives -- get a car to your door with an app, and then get dropped off wherever you need to go. Users do not have to worry about parking or adding money to the meter, all without hailing a taxi. For Louisiana residents with free time and need to make extra cash, working for one of these companies is also attractive -- allowing one to earn more money from the comfort of one's car.

Let us help find who to hold accountable in malpractice suit

When Louisiana residents go to the hospital to receive medical care, they often end up interacting with many different medical professionals-from attendants and nurses to surgeons and doctors. If these medical professionals do not adhere to the medical industry standard in providing medical care to their patient, they may end up giving their patient a worsened condition, or in a worst case scenario mentioned last week, a patient's death.

Do I need to give notice to employer about workplace injury?

As hardworking employees, Louisiana residents leave their houses in the morning intending to put in an honest day's work at their office. Though they understand that their jobs may cause them some possible harm-slip and falls at the office or construction site accidents-they rarely give them a second thought because they may be taking necessary precautions. However, they may still get injured in a workplace accident due to their employer's negligence and this can come at a financial and emotional cost.

Possible medical mistakes cause wrongful death of new mother

The birth of a child is the culmination of not only the past nine or so months of the parents' lives, but also of their loved ones. They await and pray for the healthy birth of the new born and when it happens, the whole family rejoices. But if the medical staff commits a medical mistake that puts the newborn and mother at risk, confusion and tragedy can often be the result.

Alcohol increases chances of fatal boating accidents

Louisiana residents may have heard of the term DUI and know it refers to driving under the influence, but they may not be familiar with BUI-boating under the influence. According to the Coast Guard, a boat operator who has as much alcohol as a vehicle driver is likely to become more impaired faster than the driver.

Rear-ended? Whiplash injuries can be a real pain in the neck

Serious injuries from a car accident can create various challenges in life, whether temporary or permanent. Some injuries might present immediate symptoms, while others may take time to develop. If injured in an accident, you might want to hold off on accepting a settlement until you are aware of all your injuries to avoid missing out on compensation to which you might have otherwise been entitled.

Never events: a fatal surgical error?

Louisiana residents, like others across the country, go to their doctors when they are at their most vulnerable. In pain and without any expertise, they turn to medical professionals to guide them through their illness and help them recover as much as possible. To achieve this end, they expect the medical professionals treating them will act with the utmost professionalism and to the highest standards of care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

How does Louisiana rank in phone use while driving?

Louisiana drivers who have been getting the nagging feeling that their roadways are no longer as safe as they used to be may feel vindicated when they hear the results of a new study comparing driving habits across the country. According to the study, around 92 percent of American drivers admit to using them while in the car, with a third admitting that they had either typed a text or an email during the last month. Louisiana received the worst score in this regard in the country, coming in at 50.

Surviving spouse and children bring wrongful death claim

This blog recently discussed the elements of a wrongful death claim for damages. The surviving spouse and children of a woman recently brought a medical malpractice wrongful death claim for damages in Louisiana against a health care facility. The lawsuit asserts that the health care facility breached its standard of care when treating the woman.

Protections for workers injured in a maritime accident

It is important for injured seamen, oil rig workers and dock workers to be familiar with the remedies available to them if they have been injured in a maritime accident. Injured workers on land have workers' compensation and personal injury protections not available to workers injured on offshore rigs, vessels, docks and waterways. Different remedies are available to injured seamen, oil rig workers and dock workers that help protect them, their livelihoods and their families.

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