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January 2017 Archives

Medical malpractice claim based on error in dental procedure

When Louisiana residents visit a healthcare professional, whether it is a doctor, nurse or dentist, there is a great deal of trust involved. We place the care of our bodies into the hands of these highly-trained professionals, and we expect a positive result. Unfortunately, we all know that there are certain instances of medical care in which things go wrong. This type of result can lead to a medical malpractice claim.

Study offers hope to car accident victims with spinal injuries

Spinal cord injuries are fairly common for people who have been injured in a car accident. These injuries can cause irreversible damage to the spine, causing car accident victims a lifetime of pain and difficulty. Many accident victims struggle to care for themselves and are unable to move or speak properly. Physical therapy and other treatments may help improve their condition, but it is unlikely that those with severe trauma to the spinal cord will ever go back to how they used to be before the accident.

Common construction injuries on the job

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the workplace, seeing thousands of injuries every year in sites across the country. While much of the responsibility for safety rests on your employer's shoulders, you can also protect yourself by being more aware of what causes construction injuries and what you should do if you are involved in a construction accident.

What documents will you need in a medical malpractice case?

Louisiana residents know that one of the hardest types of personal injury cases to prove in court is a medical malpractice claim. When you think about it, the reasons become obvious: there are usually multiple defendants involved; some of the information that will come out in the case is composed of highly technical medical details; and it puts the victim - the plaintiff - in the position of telling a trained medical professional that a mistake was made. These can be daunting factors for any victim of medical malpractice in Louisiana, which makes it all the more important to make sure that as much information as possible is documented for use in the personal injury lawsuit.

Ignition-interlock laws help prevent accidents

Nowadays, ignition-interlock devices are commonly used to prevent people under the influence of alcohol from starting their vehicles. The device can measure a driver's blood alcohol level by analyzing their breath. In 1993, states started to implement laws relating to the use of these devices. Currently, all 50 states have these laws, but only 25 or so of them have laws requiring the use of these devices after a DUI conviction. Some states may only require them if the driver had an excessively high blood alcohol level or has multiple DUI convictions.

Are you protected by admiralty and maritime law in Louisiana?

There are many workers in Louisiana who face dangerous situations in their day-to-day jobs. The possibility of serious injury occurring on the job is something that no one wants to face, but the reality is that thousands of people are injured each year in their workplaces. In Louisiana, many of these injuries occur in jobs that are related to the maritime industry. Are the workers in these jobs protected by the admiralty and maritime law?

Recovering compensation for your spinal cord injury

Accident victims suffering from damage to the spinal cord will likely face countless obstacles and challenges during the recovery process. The expensive surgeries, physical and cognitive therapy and extended hospital stays may become overwhelming for both victims and their families. Spinal cord injury victims are often not able to work after the accident and are unable to pay their medical bills.

Cab company helps out to avoid car accidents on New Year's Eve

The recent New Year's Eve holiday saw revelers around the world celebrating the arrival of 2017. And, as a recent article noted, for many people throughout the world, including in Louisiana, those celebrations included alcohol. While there are many people who enjoy alcohol responsibly, the New Year's Eve holiday is noted for the increase in the number of drunk drivers on the roads.

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