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Truck accident results in personal injury lawsuit

Car accidents cause injuries every day throughout the country. However, truck accidents present a whole different level of danger to drivers and passengers on the roads. These huge vehicles can cause devastating injuries when they collide with passenger vehicles, potentially leaving victims disabled for life. According to a recent report, one such truck accident caused just that level of damage.

The report indicates that the car accident in question occurred on November 27 of 2015. In the lawsuit that was filed by three victims, victims allege they were driving eastbound on I-10 in Louisiana when a tractor-trailer suddenly slammed into the vehicle. The personal injury lawsuit names the truck driver and the truck company for which he worked as defendants, as well as the defendant’s insurance company. The victims reportedly suffered injuries that were so severe that they could be termed as “disabling.” As is typical in a personal injury lawsuit that is based on a traffic accident, the victims are seeking financial compensation to cover the costs of medical expenses, as well as lost wages.

Although the details regarding how this collision occurred were minimal in the recent report, many personal injury lawsuits allege negligence on the part of the party that is purported to be responsible for the auto accident. In order to prove negligence, a plaintiff needs to show that the defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff, that the duty was breached, and that the breach was the direct cause of the victim’s injuries.

The personal injury lawsuit described in the recent report alleges that the driver was not paying attention like he should have been and that he did not maintain the proper amount of control over the tractor-trailer. The details of the case will be developed by both parties as they begin the discovery process.

Source: Louisiana Record, “Berrio’s Transportation driver accused of negligence after I-10 accident,” Michael Abella, Dec. 13, 2016


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