The difficulties suffered by accident victims can feel insurmountable. Between the severe physical injuries and the seemingly endless medical bills, those who have been involved in an accident can have a great deal to worry about. One of their options is to file a lawsuit against anyone who played a role in the accident.

Two men from Louisiana are filing suit against another motorist and his company after a car accident on Interstate 10. The men were traveling on the highway where they were stopped due to excessive traffic. The motorist named in the suit rear-ended another stopped vehicle, which set off a chain-reaction that caused the vehicle behind the men to crash into them. The men claim physical and mental pain and suffering and lost wages, as well as medical expenses and property damage.

The men allege that the motorist’s negligence caused the multi-car accident. They also allege failure to maintain control of the vehicle and other traffic-related errors.

For the men to have a successful suit against the motorist, courts will need to establish that the motorist was at fault for the accident. Police reports can be helpful in determining what happened, from an officer’s point of view.

Rear-end accidents are generally never the fault of the person who got hit. If the driver behind you could not stop, it is usually because he did not leave enough room to stop. It is also easy to show who hit whom based on the location of the damage. If one car has front side damage and the other has rear damage, courts can see that the car with the rear damage was the one that was hit by the other car.

Regardless of the type of accident that a person was involved in, it may be helpful to see an attorney who can analyze the specific circumstances of the case.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Louisiana men blame motorist for car crash,” June 27, 2016