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Offshore injuries bring about significant challenges

On Behalf of | May 6, 2015 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

Many workers who work in the marine industry, shipping industries and other maritime jobs can suffer injuries during the course of their employment. That is true all over the United States, including in Louisiana. In some cases, the worker may even succumb to his or her injuries or even be lost at sea. The attorneys at the Townsley Law Firm have represented numerous clients, as well as relatives and dependents of such workers who have sustained injuries or died at sea while working.

Workers’ compensation benefits do not strictly cover maritime workers for offshore injuries. Federal laws, however, do cover most types of offshore injuries, including maritime fatalities, which can happen on the job. General maritime law and more specific laws, in the form of the Jones Act, and The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act were specifically created for longshore and harbor workers. There is also The Death on the High Seas Act that applies in the case of any offshore injury suffered by a maritime worker.

Some injured maritime workers consult professional experienced lawyers in order to seek justice and compensation in these cases. Maritime workers work in some of the most dangerous conditions known to man. Seeking compensation for them under federal maritime laws can become a long process.

Maritime workers also have various rights under federal law, including the right to proper maintenance of their vessels, medical care and coverage in case of any maritime injury. They also have the right to compensation where a maritime injury hinders their ability to seek gainful employment and any compensation that the courts may award due to the pain and suffering suffered by the employee.


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