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Boating accidents in the United States

Many people in Louisiana are recreational boating enthusiasts. Recreational boating, though fun for most, may also be dangerous if the proper safety measures are not taken. The perils of the sea must never be ignored by anyone who wishes to go out on a boating trip. Local authorities issue safety warnings and awareness programs every year to make the public aware of the requisite boating safety measures.

Recreational boating accidents may include injuries to the occupants of the boat as well as damage to the vessel itself. While on a boating trip, a passenger may disappear or drown at sea, suffer offshore injuries, damage the boat itself or, in some cases, the vessel itself may disappear. Five hundred and sixty fatal boating accidents were recorded in 2013; this was a decrease from previous years. Statistics also indicated that the number of boating accidents itself along with boating-related injuries also declined.

For boating accidents reported to the authorities, it was found that most boating deaths were caused by drowning. But the numbers of boating deaths were reduced considerably in cases where the boating operators were trained and had followed boating-related safety instructions.

Alcohol consumption by the boat operator played a significant role in increasing the chances of a boating accident. Furthermore, distracted operation of the boat as well as speeding or lack of experience were found to be major causes of boating accidents. Boating accident victims may suffer grave physical as well as psychological impairment because of an accident. These victims may have the right to seek compensation from negligent and otherwise liable parties; a marine and offshore injuries attorney can provide more information and guidance to victims.

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