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Louisiana police and LSU develop tool for reporting car crashes

Louisiana witnesses its fair share of car accidents every year. With a growing number of vehicles on the street, the probability of an auto accident also increases. As such, law enforcement agencies and personnel are always on the lookout to develop better methods of traffic control along with enhanced safety measures to reduce car accidents.

Among recent innovations developed to aid the Louisiana police force, the LACRASH software system developed by the Louisiana State University’s Highway Safety Research Group is worthy of note. This new system enables officers to bypass the crash report paper form by reproducing an electronic version which they can fill in from a laptop stored in their patrol car or from a desktop at their office.

Some of the noteworthy features of the LACRASH system are a spell check feature which enables error free reporting, a feature which allows the user to draw a virtual picture of the crash scene, a messaging system to enable speedy communication, and a feature which allows the user to look up various pieces of information, including previous car crash reports and addresses. These tools will make it easier for police to report accidents and for victims to acquire the information they need if they plan on filing an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit.

The electronically controlled process of crash data submission also adds to the efficiency of the system while allowing officers to have access to features such as card swipes, GPS devices and software edits. This enables law enforcement agencies to collect data more efficiently and accurately. As of this month, approximately 190 law enforcement agencies in Louisiana are using the LACRASH system with new agencies joining the queue.

In the event of any car accident, it is important for all parties to obtain a copy of the crash report. This is because the report is an important document for claiming insurance for damages to the vehicle and for personal injury claims that may arise from the incident. Considering these crucial factors, a software tool that aids in managing crash data is surely a boon to the police force as well as the general public.

Source: Louisiana State University, “LACRASH Overview,” Accessed on Oct. 23, 2014


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