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Louisiana woman sues over denied medical care

With the advancement of medical science, over time, people have grown increasingly dependent on medical care. Subsequently, cases of medical malpractice are also increasing in Louisiana and elsewhere in the United States.

In a recent case, a patient brought a lawsuit against the OB/GYN team and nurses at a medical institution alleging medical malpractice. The plaintiff has also filed a suit against several other defendants, including insurance companies, in a Parish Civil District Court.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claims she visited the medical treatment facility several times to receive treatment for pelvic and abdominal pain. She also made visits for irregular vaginal bleeding and contraceptives. However, the only treatment meted out to her included tests for sexually transmitted diseases, pap-smear examinations and assessments for birth control.

The plaintiff claims that the hospital failed to notify her about abnormal laboratory results received by the hospital staff in 2011 and 2013. The results included irregular pap-smears. She allegedly requested the medical team to provide her with a copy of the medical reports in 2013 and was subsequently denied. It has been claimed in the lawsuit that the original medical reports were altered or destroyed by the hospital staff.

Claims include refused follow-up treatments and absence of accurate medical records, resulting in aggravated medical conditions which could have been avoided. It was only due to the negligence of the hospital that her medical conditions got worse, including enlarged fibroid tumors and ovarian cysts, she said in her claims. The plaintiff has sought over $75,000 as compensation on multiple grounds.

Doctors and hospital owe their patients a duty of care. When that duty is breached, significant harm can result. Those who find themselves harmed by a medical professional’s actions or inactions should consider exploring their legal options in hopes of recovering their damages, which might include medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: Louisiana Record, “A Woman’s Place sued over alleged medical neglect, destruction of records,”Chelsea Partington, Jul 22, 2014


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