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Louisiana woman claims compensation for medical malpractice

A lawsuit was filed by a patient against the State of Louisiana and the Louisiana State University’s medical center for a recent case of alleged medical malpractice. The patient filing the lawsuit suffered a stroke, while having a surgical procedure and is claiming that the staff of the medical center was negligent in providing her adequate and pertinent care. The lawsuit was filed via the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors at the civil district court.

The patient has claimed that the team of surgeons performing the operation was negligent in taking proper action and measures during the surgery. She has also claimed that the plan made by the medical team prior to the surgery was inadequate. The patient who is the plaintiff contended that the stroke could have been avoided, had medical following standard guidelines been applied to her symptoms, according to the lawsuit.

“Breach of duty of care by negligent operating room staff, resulting in arterial hemorrhage” was the reason behind the stroke, says the lawsuit, filed against the State of Louisiana. A repair or bypass of the clogged artery could have prevented the interruption in blood flow to the brain avoiding the stroke, it was further claimed. The amount of money sought as damages by the plaintiff was not stated. Any damage compensation provided would address medical expenses, lost wages, physical and mental disability, and help the plaintiff cope with loss of enjoyment of life, among other things.

Victims who experience undue pain and suffering, due to the negligence of another person, medical staff or a medical facility can seek compensation for the breach of reasonable expected care and negligence. In these cases, an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney can offer advice and help with filings for medical malpractice cases.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Patient files suit after suffering a stroke during surgery,” Andrew Stevens, July 7, 2014


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