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Louisiana cyclist sues doctors for medical malpractice

Spinal cord injury cases can leave a victim with permanent disability, paralysis or worse. In Louisiana, such cases are rare, but are usually addressed with a sense of priority by medical practitioners given the gravity of such an injury.

In a recent case, an accident victim sustained a severe spinal cord injury at his own hands, after spending several hours in a ditch, into which he had fallen while riding his bicycle home in an alleged drunken state. The man, who stated that he had consumed a few alcoholic drinks at a local pub before climbing onto his bicycle, was found by a neighbor and taken to a nearby hospital where he received treatment, according to reports.

The man is suing the medical facility where he was treated, claiming that medical staff at the hospital failed to treat his injuries properly and culminated in the victim being paralyzed. This victim of the spinal cord injury is claiming that medical practitioners were negligent in his treatment and his paralysis could have been avoided if proper medical care had been administered.

The plaintiff alleges in his suit that he was discharged without proper diagnosis and the gravity of his symptoms was not heeded by the defendants. In his claim, he states that he was diagnosed with facial abrasions, traces of alcohol and hypothermia and despite his repeated claims of numbness in his extremities authorities allowed him to leave the hospital.

The defendants claim no fault on their part and say that they had offered the spinal injury victim a proper course of treatment. Both parties will soon face off in court with a jury trial.

Source: Louisiana Record, “Man rides bike into ditch after a ‘few beers,’ sues hospital for allegedly failing to diagnose injuries leading to partial paralysis,” Anna Aguillard, July 15, 2014


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