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Selfies might be the newest car accident hazard

Cell phones are devices that have many different uses. Calling and texting used to be the only communication that could be done, but now most cell phones have Internet capabilities and user-friendly applications for social media. This is changing how people communicate and how they use their cell phones on a daily basis.

Many people are starting to post pictures of themselves on social media using their cell phones, even while they are driving. These so-called “selfies” can result in distracted driving. When a person takes their eyes off the road for even two seconds, their risk of a car accident doubles. So, if they start taking pictures and posting online, which would likely take much longer, they are not paying attention to the road for an extended period of time.

It is important that everyone put down their cell phones and focus only on the road when they are driving. People who are posting pictures while driving might also be taking video.

Not only do people pose a risk to themselves when they use their phone behind the wheel, but they also put others at risk of injuries. If someone is injured because of a driver who is using their cell phone while driving, they might be wise to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Lake Charles. An attorney can work with a person to understand their rights. They might be able to seek compensation to pay for medical expenses and any lost wages that resulted from the accident.

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