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Pedestrian accidents may increase with Daylight Saving Time shift

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2013 | Car Accidents

Many people are noticing that their evening commute might be darker than it was last week, because of the ending of Daylight Saving Time over the weekend. While people might not alter their schedules because of the earlier sunset, they might need to pay more attention while driving.

According to a report, pedestrian accidents may increase after the end of Daylight Saving Time, mostly because drivers aren’t used to seeing pedestrians after dark. A Lake Charles pedestrian accident can result in catastrophic injuries. Even if a person just has to be taken to the emergency room but is later released from the hospital, they could experience thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Pedestrian accidents can lead to head injuries and many broken bones. This may result in permanent damage, or very long recoveries. If an accident results in a person being disabled, their life might be changed forever.

People in Lake Charles who suffer from catastrophic injuries during a pedestrian accident might want to speak with an attorney. They can work for the person and their family to seek compensation. This compensation can help a family pay for current and future medical expenses.

If a family is forced to pay for medical expenses, they might not be able to accomplish their financial goals. In addition to medical expenses, a person might be unable to work while they recover or for the rest of their life if they become disabled. This might result in a significant loss of income for a family.

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