Bedsore Injuries Unnecessarily Harm Vulnerable Individuals And Deserve Compensation

When a loved one has been admitted to a hospital, nursing home or other long-term care facility, he or she often must depend on medical staff for his or her health and well-being. Partial or full incapacitation requires that health care professionals monitor the patient's status and ensure his or her welfare. Unfortunately, medical negligence and neglect is a harsh reality in some facilities. This can leave vulnerable patients to face devastating consequences such as bedsores.

Medical Neglect Is Not Okay. We Help You Pursue Justice.

Bedsores, also called decubitus or pressure ulcers by the medical community, are painful injuries to the skin and tissue caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. This can be a result of medical staff not rotating a patient who is bedridden. These pressure ulcers can develop rapidly and in many cases are hard to treat. Not only do patients experience pain, but bedsores can lead to a host of additional problems such as infection, tissue damage and even gangrene. Regardless of the severity of the decubitus, there is no excuse for the neglect that caused these injuries. If your loved one was the victim of medical negligence that resulted in bedsores, you have a legal right to file a claim for compensation.

At The Townsley Law Firm, we help personal injury victims and their families obtain justice, and we have been doing it for more than 20 years. Our lawyers take a proactive and aggressive approach to each claim, and our track record of success is a testament to our tenacity in fighting for what is right.

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We understand that when a person is unable to care for himself or herself and must rely on medical caregivers, it may be a blow to moral and dignity. It can therefore be even more humiliating when he or she is the victim of neglect and faces an injury such as bedsores. These circumstances are also very difficult for the family members to handle. Understanding the highly sensitive nature of medical neglect, our lawyers offer compassionate counsel while at the same time advocating for justice. We are here to help you through this difficult life event in every way possible.

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