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Workers' Compensation Archives

Is my injury work-related?

How does a Louisiana resident determine if the injury they sustained in the workplace was 'work-related' or not? This is a question that can often stump workplace accident victims, as they may have to prove their injury was related to the work they perform. This is important because workers' compensation benefits are only available for work-related accidents.

What is an employer's duty in a workplace?

Finding a job is difficult enough, so when a Louisiana resident finds a job, they usually work hard to keep it. In the process, they may overlook duties that an employer is supposed to fulfill, and the negligence in so doing might lead to workplace accidents.

Do I need to give notice to employer about workplace injury?

As hardworking employees, Louisiana residents leave their houses in the morning intending to put in an honest day's work at their office. Though they understand that their jobs may cause them some possible harm-slip and falls at the office or construction site accidents-they rarely give them a second thought because they may be taking necessary precautions. However, they may still get injured in a workplace accident due to their employer's negligence and this can come at a financial and emotional cost.

How to deal with problems related to workers' compensation

Louisianans who are injured in a workplace accident or suffer a condition or illness related to their employment will undoubtedly be aware of workers' compensation benefits. There might be a notion that these benefits will be provided when the person has proof that he or she is suffering from the illness, condition or injury. However, there are times when a problem might arise in relation to a claim. A worker must know how to handle any issue that comes up through mediation or filing a dispute.

Welders beware - multiple safety hazards on the job

Are you a welder at one of the many industrial plants in the metropolitan areas within and surrounding Lake Charles? Like other welders in industries such as automotive, maritime, industrial construction and more, you probably face life-threatening or debilitating hazards every day. Welding accidents are known to cause severe injuries, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says of every 1,000 career welders, four will succumb to welding accident injuries.

Injuries for which workers' compensation can be awarded

Workers in Louisiana who have been injured or made ill because of their job might be under the impression that they will automatically receive workers' compensation benefits. However, it is important that those who are seeking these benefits understand certain factors. The basic ones are often the most complicated, and that holds true with the injuries that are covered under the law. Before seeking benefits, it is key to know this foundational issue.

Workers' compensation and an inability to do the former job

A frequent concern for Louisiana workers who have suffered an injury, condition or illness due to their work is whether they will receive workers' compensation or not. However, another issue that often arises is the possibility that they will not recover sufficiently to get back to their previous job. Workers are sometimes able to receive vocational rehabilitation. Employees who cannot earn wages that are equal to that which they earned before they received workers' compensation can receive vocational rehabilitation. This is so they can get back to work with a limited amount of retraining.

How to determine if you are eligible for workers' compensation

Throughout the United States, including Louisiana, workers are protected from workplace hazards through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The administration sets and enforces safety guidelines that employers must adhere to in an effort to assure a safe working environment for their employees. Unfortunately, accidents still happen, and injuries and illnesses still occur to thousands of workers in America each year. To offset the financial burdens associated with an injury, state laws require that employees who become injured or sick at work receive workers' compensation.

A qualified attorney may assist you with your workers' comp claim

No matter where you work, you could be injured on-the-job. Factory workers, construction workers, and other employees that work with heavy machinery may be especially at-risk for injury. In light of these risks, Louisiana employers should have workers' compensation insurance to provide injured employees with benefits. These benefits can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and disability compensation. In exchange for these benefits, workers are generally not permitted to file suit against their employer for their injury.

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