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What damages can one recover in a personal injury lawsuit?

When someone is injured in a car accident, it is not possible to quantify the suffering they endured. The physical scars may be visible and serve as a reminder of what the car accident victim went through, but the emotional scars are just as painful and can often take longer to heal. When a Louisiana accident victim files a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused their auto accident, they are able to recover compensation that cover both these heads -- the physical and emotional.

Can I hold a ridesharing driver liable in car crash?

We hear relatives and friends talking about the ease that ridehailing companies have brought into our lives -- get a car to your door with an app, and then get dropped off wherever you need to go. Users do not have to worry about parking or adding money to the meter, all without hailing a taxi. For Louisiana residents with free time and need to make extra cash, working for one of these companies is also attractive -- allowing one to earn more money from the comfort of one's car.

How does Louisiana rank in phone use while driving?

Louisiana drivers who have been getting the nagging feeling that their roadways are no longer as safe as they used to be may feel vindicated when they hear the results of a new study comparing driving habits across the country. According to the study, around 92 percent of American drivers admit to using them while in the car, with a third admitting that they had either typed a text or an email during the last month. Louisiana received the worst score in this regard in the country, coming in at 50.

Smartphone use and being a distracted driver go hand in hand

It is an unfortunate reality that there will be a significant number of drivers on the road who operate their vehicles while distracted by a smartphone or some other device. There is an inherent danger with this behavior and it is causing motor vehicle accidents. Research is examining this phenomenon and finding that it is far worse than initially thought. Louisiana residents who are in a car accident should be cognizant of this.

Louisiana woman sues parish and man after car crash

A car accident in Louisiana can occur in sometimes the most unlikely situations. Many accidents occur when people are at their most comfortable -- driving through their neighborhood, for instance, or on their daily commute to work. Sometimes, too, an accident can occur that involves an unexpected car. Police vehicles, commercial trucks and government cars can all become involved in an accident. In certain situations, this may change the way a legal case plays out.

Alleged drunk driver crashes into pickup, killing the driver

Encountering a drunk driver on the streets and roadways of Louisiana can lead to catastrophic injuries and death. It is not just the irresponsibility of these drivers that is so egregious, but when they drive drunk they are placing the lives of many people in danger. This is particularly inexplicable when the person has been caught driving under the influence in the past. With car accidents due to a drunk driver, those who were injured or lost a loved one must grasp how much damage this had done to their lives and consider a legal filing for compensation.

Driver arrested following deadly crash in Iowa, Louisiana

According to a recent report, on Thursday, February 9, police were called to the scene of an accident involving two pedestrians. The driver allegedly crossed the center line on I-10 and struck the two men. When Calcasieu Parish officers arrived on I-10 Mobile Village Road in Iowa, Louisiana, they airlifted a 52-year-old man to Lafayette. He was subsequently treated and released. However, the other man, 21, was taken to a local area hospital where he subsequently died from his injuries.

New AAA survey finds millennial drivers to be dangerous

A recent survey by AAA finds that while adults of all ages admit to unsafe driving behaviors, millennials between the ages of 19 and 24 are more dangerous on the road than other age groups. Car accidents are caused by these unsafe behaviors every day in Louisiana and all across the country.

New Orleans Mardi Gras accident allegedly caused by drunk driver

Every day, Louisiana families are torn apart by the actions of an irresponsible driver. Motor vehicle accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Many of these car accidents are caused by reckless drivers who act negligently behind the wheel. In New Orleans, a drunk driving accident during Mardi Gras injured 32 people.

Drowsy driving responsible for many road fatalities

Distracted driving and drunk driving often get the spotlight when it comes to determining car accident causes in the United States. Nowadays, another cause is also getting some attention. A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that drowsy driving is responsible for over 6,000 car accident fatalities a year. Falling asleep at the wheel is a serious problem, with 15 percent of all fatal accidents involving a drowsy driver.

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