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Study: Texting and driving and distractions rise near schools

In Louisiana and throughout the nation, distracted driving is a problem that is simply not going away. Despite attempts on the part of government agencies and law enforcement to discourage drivers from operating their vehicles while distracted, it is an ongoing issue that causes injuries, deaths and substantial damage. Researchers are consistently examining data and formulating methods to measure the scope of the issue. One recent study shows that the practice is even more dangerous to the most vulnerable victims than previously thought.

Car accidents and its factors contribute to high insurance rates

Louisianans who are in a car accident and suffer injuries or have lost a loved one who was in a crash will have a lot to consider after the fact. One issue that comes up is seeking compensation. Often, insurance is a major factor in the case. Insurance rates across the nation might not seem to be a consideration in the initial aftermath of an accident, but this can be an important factor as insurance rates are largely contingent on several factors that can be important in what causes a car accident and how to deal with it.

New research examines car accidents numbers across the nation

Government agencies and other research outlets keep a close eye on auto accident statistics to determine how they happen, why they happen and to craft strategies to prevent and reduce them. Louisianans and people across the nation should be aware of these numbers to try and avoid potential dangers. Naturally, it is impossible to steer clear of all auto crashes, and if one does occur, the information as to its cause can help when filing a legal claim for compensation.

Despite personal injury risk, proposed sleep apnea test rescinded

Given the number of large commercial trucks that are on the road in Louisiana and throughout the nation, there are frequent concerns as to how the competence and medical history of the drivers are regulated. If, for example, the driver has a history of recklessness or health problems, this can be a factor in an auto accident that leads to personal injury and death. If the company has a history of lack of oversight, that too can be considered important during the crash reconstruction to determine what happened and help the victims to proceed. Recent decisions by the government are also integral to a possible legal case after a truck accident.

Passenger dies in car accident as loose wheel hits SUV

Louisiana car crashes are not limited to accidents between two vehicles, a vehicle and a pedestrian or a vehicle and a bicyclist. There are times when falling objects or other pieces of debris will cause a car accident. These incidents can cause just as much if not more damage than car accidents between vehicles. Those who have been injured as a car accident victim or lost a loved one in this type of crash should know how to discover who is responsible for the accident and seek compensation through a legal filing.

Driver flees scene after car crash with motorcycle

It is a fact of life that people on the road in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana need to be aware of reckless drivers, inattentive drivers and those who flout traffic laws. What makes these incidents worse is when there is an accident and the driver chooses to flee the scene. Because car accidents can be so damaging and even fatal, those who were involved in the accident with a hit-and-run driver must protect themselves with legal assistance for a full investigation and the aftereffects of the car crash.

U.S. 90 has one of nation's highest rates for fatal car accidents

Louisiana drivers and people in proximity to various roadways will undoubtedly have anecdotal evidence of the dangers of certain areas. When this is combined with statistical evidence, it becomes clear that some roads are riskier than others. Such is the case with U.S. Highway 90. This road runs through the state for close to 300 miles and serves multiple areas.

Drunk driver injures law enforcement officer in car crash

A car accident can affect anyone in Louisiana, even those whose job it is to help others. This applies to first responders like law enforcement, emergency technicians, tow truck drivers and more. Car accidents do not discriminate and the aftermath can have the same issues for all. Anyone who suffers injuries or loses a loved one in a collision should be aware that they have the same rights as others to file a claim to receive compensation.

What damages can one recover in a personal injury lawsuit?

When someone is injured in a car accident, it is not possible to quantify the suffering they endured. The physical scars may be visible and serve as a reminder of what the car accident victim went through, but the emotional scars are just as painful and can often take longer to heal. When a Louisiana accident victim files a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused their auto accident, they are able to recover compensation that cover both these heads -- the physical and emotional.

Can I hold a ridesharing driver liable in car crash?

We hear relatives and friends talking about the ease that ridehailing companies have brought into our lives -- get a car to your door with an app, and then get dropped off wherever you need to go. Users do not have to worry about parking or adding money to the meter, all without hailing a taxi. For Louisiana residents with free time and need to make extra cash, working for one of these companies is also attractive -- allowing one to earn more money from the comfort of one's car.

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